He will wrap his loving and protective arms around my husband

Father God in Heaven, I pray in the precious & holy name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, that He will wrap his loving and protective arms around my husband and shield him from any form of lust outside our marriage or any form of pornography. I pray in the sweet name of Jesus that He will speak to my husband and cause him to hate evil in every form — especially any sexual thoughts or acts toward any woman except for me & our marriage. God created us for Him and His glory, and he made my husband and me for each other sexually, physically, mentally, & spiritually, and I pray that Hebwill protect our marriage covenant and marriage bed against all satanic attacks including sexual immorality. I pray that my husband will be 100% faithful first & foremost to God, then to me, our marriage, & our family! I pray that he will not be interested whatsoever in any other woman besides me sexually. I pray that God will vanish satans evil temptations from my husband as far as the east is from the west. I pray against any inappropriate relationships with any other woman besides me for as long as we are both on this earth! I pray in the name of Jesus that God will make my husband pure, righteous, & holy & that he will desire nothing except what is pure, righteous, & holy all the days of his life! Thank you, Lord Jesus, Father God in Heaven for making my husband righteous! I pray that the Holy Spirit will completely consume his heart, mind, & soul, and convict him of what is roght, & that The Lord will give him the strength, wisdom, & courage to do what is right all the days of his life so that our marriage will be blessed & so that our son will be able to see & learn what a pure, righteous, & Holy relationship in a marriage should be. Thank you for changing the desires of my husbands heart! In Jesus Christ’s precious & holy name I pray, amen!