He saved me

by Dominic (Kenya)

It’s been dark,

I’ve seen rain.
got stuck in my frustrations,
I’ve felt pain.
I thought I could shine in the shadows of the night.
but all that was in vain cause it was a loosing fight.
bt when it comes to survival,
there is one friend that I know,
that I can truly depend on.
Divinely he intervened,
and lovingly held me at his arms of love
See if you knew what I have been through,
then you know exactly what God can do.
He made me strong in the midst of adversity,
and tought me everything good at his university.
And now that I know Jesus I boast in my weakness,
because in all my weaknesses he is my confidence.
And my life is no longer mine,
he lives at the throne of my heart.
And all I am and all I have been,
the difference is he saved me.