He needs deliverance!

by Rose M Hunter ()

My first husband, Ervin Christian Jackson, married for 37 years, turns out to have a debilitating brain development disorder from his childhood in a family with a schizophrenic/paranoid father on anti-psychotic medication (the children didn’t know this) and an emotionally distant, invalidated,angry mother with generational curses of FreeMasonry on her father’s side. Ervin and his twin brother Earle didn’t stand a chance of ever being able to feel empathy for others,because of this disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Ervin divorced me after cheating on me (evidently repeatedly) in 2011 and tried unsuccessfully for five years to annul our marriage through the Catholic church. God told me through an intercessor at a Healing Room nearly two years ago that God chose me for this battle,I come from a generational line of pastors (true) and He would win the victory by peace reigning in all of my life. Four times after that I saw the word “Victory” in four different places as I drove out of Phoenix for a family vacation. Last fall I awoke to the words “Run silent, run deep” in my spirit,so I’ve worked to do that and asked deliverance and healing ministries to intercede for Ervin’s awakening to his sin and to Jesus, deliverance,cleansing,healing in his brain, and his genuine repentance and turning to Jesus, for prayers for me to stay in peace, and prayers for healing of a father wound in my younger son Ethan’s spirit, mind and heart (he is a Christian, as is my older son Eric,who’s been a linguist with Wycliffe since 2005). Grateful thanks to any who will intercede according to what God Almighty may tell them and blessings to you all in Jesus!

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