he comes home and gets another chance at life

by Lannie (Pittsburgh)

Hi I wanted to send a prayer request for my friend Dre who was arrested the other day and I grew up with people going to jail and things like that but this one is different he was doing so well finished his classes was seeing a therapist and stop using drugs but he stop taking his medicine in I’m not sure but I guess he might of sold drugs all I know is that he got caught with drugs on him and it’s so sad cause he was telling me he needs help and that his therapist wasn’t helping him she would say how was your weekend What do you have planned today and he said he needed mental help and now he might go away for along time

So my prayer is that GOD make a way to send Dre home so he and i can go to church watch our children grow up I pray that the judge doesn’t see him as just another black man and just throw him in jail when he was mental issues. I pray he comes home and gets another chance at life for the lord to watch over him and bring him home