Have Mercy on me

by Tammy Williams ()

Heavenly Father Thank you for all that you have done for me and the plans you have for me. Continue to watch over my family and Friendships. . Lord I’m still praying for a stable income which I thank you for working on. Lord be my guide to day and have mercy on me. Father God I thank you for making away for me to pay all my bills even tho I don’t see it. I thank you for close my deal even when man keep making problems for the contract, Heavenly Father I want to pray for my sister Debra Whitsett who continues to cause problems for the family. Touch her Lord only you know her heart. Father God please watch over all , for we are all Prodigal children either inward or outward. Heavenly father I pray for discernment for everyone. Everybody that believes your word lord.Everybody that prays for your word to guide there lives. Heavenly Father thank you for your Mercy and Grace . Lord have mercy on me and continue to be with me as I endure these trying times.Heavenly father I pray for all my children and grandchildren friends that come around them and friends that they be friend. Lord I pray for their husbands those who are not married. I pray that they have a spouse that will commit to you so that they can commit to them in a faithful caring way. Forgive me Lord for I still fall short everyone. Help me Lord Jesus with all my struggles. Heavenly Father I will always fear you and stand in awe for the amazing things you give me as my daily bread. Lord Jesse continue to give me discernment daily as I keep your words close to my heart. I thank you Heavenly Father for everything I do without even asking first and you making it your will to give me peace. Heavenly Father please abstain me family and friends that we endure until you make away. Father God my heart fills heavy during the Holidays that’s coming up. Lord Jesus help me to keep my focus on you. All in Jesus name I pray Amen.

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