Happy Birthday to Me and Prayer for my Sons

by Minerva (New York)

Please pray for me, and my sons Ky and Ry. I thank God for all of my blessings. I pray that I continue to have Jesus in my Heart and Life. Please pray that this is my best year ever.

I have learned and grown a lot through love and selflessness, as well as heartache and loneliness. My birthday wishes are:

-Continued health, happiness, success, favor, blessings, and protection for my sons and I.

-To SELL MY HOUSE for $885,000 this Spring/Early Summer 2013. That my sons and I move to Connecticut to the perfect place and the perfect house and that we are happy, healthy, and successful. Financial blessings and protection.

-God sends the right man to me. I have focused on my sons for the past 8 years, and I want to have a Godly man in my life who is perfect for me and a Godly role model for my sons. Happiness, Love, and Peaceful Joy.

Happy birthday to me!!!! 🙂
God bless you all

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