hank You for everything that you have took me through and released me from.

Lord I first off want to say Thank You for everything that you have took me through and released me from. I recently had some bad news giving to me but I know that with the faith that I have in you that’s why I feel Ok.

I know you are here with me. I ask that you keep me as healthy as possible for my blessing that you gave me 3 years ago. I sometimes feel like leaving this earth but I know you have better for me.

I want to ask for forgiveness for all of the actions that I have endured to take me away from your word your glory. Lord Jesus I ask for my confidence back I ask for guidance and strength Lord. I ask that you continue to bless my family my closest friends and my church. Lord I have been having the hardest time coming to you and just asking you of anything just because I feel I haven’t been following your word Lord Jesus. I completely understand consequences but I feel lost and I would like that guidance back, that focus. I want to ask for strength once again for my myself.

Lord you continue to do wonderful things in your children’s life’s and I would like to come back to you and repent to you because I know You are an awesome God. I ask for fun but I want to do it the right way. I don’t like feeling like this but I know your plan is bigger than my worries. I glorify you Lord and I believe and I trust in You.

In your precious name Jesus I pray to you , Amen.

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