Handling Difficult People

by Michael Angelo ()

I feel that few of my workmates doesn’t like me at all. Maybe because, I’m slow and really don’t belong to their age group anymore. I’m 45 and the younger next to me is the owner itself which is 35. And the youngest one is 17. The owner itself and some of them are really quite kind to me, but I have a workmate that I once greet her, Good am ____, how’s going?, how are you?. I know ____ heard me and continued on her way without any response. ____just want to talk to people ____ want to talk to except me. She let me feel that she doesn’t like me at all without doing anything to her. She only speaks to me when urgently needed. And because the way she treats me, I feel disrespected.

Lord, You know that I have struggles in life, but the one thing for now I should work on is my relationship with my workmate, You know I always mentioned her name every morning. I really feel that she doesn’t like me at all, even in a simple greeting this morning she didn’t care. If she has a good relationship with all our workmates, I hope she treats me well like the way she treats them. Since I really feel that I have been disrespected by her. If I did something wrong to her which cost me to be like a stranger to her, I’m really very sorry for that. Thanks for Your good understanding Oh our Lord Almighty God. Sorry for the sins that I have committed against You and thank You for all the good things You have done in our lives each day, and of course, let Your will in us be done. Amen.

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