HalleluYah it is done.

by Louis (BUSA)

HalleluYah! It is done. Thank YOU-GOD-in-us-me, HalleluYah!, It is done. I Come before you today to request a supernatural financial blessing to eliminate all my debts.

My faith, HalleluYah, in YOU-GOD-in-us-me keeps me strong, and I know YOU will provide for me and my family and the people I love.
I am seeking more than enough blessed money to eliminate all my vows, taxes and debt due.
I look forward to a debt free blessed life; I bless YOU-GOD-in-me-us for our supernatural health and wealth. I ask for great wisdom to bless any surplus money to relieve any future financial needs and eliminate all stress right now. Give me the means to do and bless YOUR supernatural work, and spread YOUR Love. I have so much to give, if only I were allowed the chance to bless everyone and everything.
In YOUR Son holy name I pray, HalleluYah!
Signed according to holy scriptures Matthew 18:19-20:

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