Guilt and shame hold me down

by Coralynn ()

I pray not only to be forgiven but to know how to forgive myself. I am ashamed that I gave tons of money to a false prophet- she took advantage of my loss and vulnerability. I was at my weakest and believed all the lies she fed me, and now I am deep debt because I was led astray. This person understood exactly what they were doing, even when I couldn’t. I was completely lost when my husband left me pregnant, I’ve been severely depressed for many years- which is how this false prophet found a way into my life to destroy it. She has promised numerous times to return everything she took from me, but after years I know it is just all lies. Please help me to pray for this liar and thief, that she may be forgiven for the destruction she has put on me. I pray for mercy for my sin and the damage financially it has caused my family. She not only took money, she took my faith in humanity. She took from my children’s future as well as mine. I’m deep in debt, and depression holds me hostage. I am at a loss as to know how to pray, for all this and to care for myself again. Everyone suffers for my sins.. Pray that my debt can be forgiven and that I may rest with the knowledge that the Lord still loves me, despite my actions. God is good, this I am sure. I pray the lord will bless this women and bring her into his salvation despite her sins against my family. And that by his will, she would pay back what she has wrongfully taken…

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