guiding our lives down the path to your heavenly kingdom

by Your Child (Johns Creek, GA)

Dear Heavenly Father ~

When I read the prayers of others, I feel so self-absorbed to reach out for your benevolent help on a matter that appears so insignificant on the surface. However, I feel this ongoing situation has so many interconnected tentacles. My husband’s job is constantly in a state of flux, as he is in Sales. That, coupled with his boss who appears to have a great disdain for my husband, makes it difficult getting out of bed each morning. While we have been blessed over the years financially (we are very modest spenders but don’t live paycheck-to-paycheck and never go to bed hungry), I quit my job to stay at home with our (2) daughters. They attend a Catholic School which requires a tuition payment. Our ability to pay rests entirely on my husband’s job. He was told if one more person quit his team, he would be fired. Well, as you know, it happened yesterday. I don’t know how to help him and beg you to send the Holy Spirit into our hearts to guide us, to have faith, and to graciously accept your will. While this prayer is very much for my husband and his faith, I am also weak and have this unattractive tendency to look at neighbors, friends, and other parents and question why they do not appear to be burdened with stress or financial woes when they don’t attend church, don’t engage in giving back to those in need, etc.

Please, Lord, I implore you to rid me of this weakness and help me to concentrate on guiding our lives down the path to your heavenly kingdom. Allow us to focus on living the life of disciples and grant us the peace and serenity to see your hand in our lives even during times of great despair.

In Your name we pray!