Guided by the Virgin Mary and clan to this series of thoughts.

by Gabriel ()

I could not find on your website where to post questions so sorry if I put it here. These questions are meant for YOU to think about, and if ever you find the time to, to answer to the whole world these questions.

Why are you NOT afraid of G-d you say? The answer is simple if the serial petafiles, rapeists, murderers, and terrorists are NOT AFRAID of what this true G-d is going to do to them, and most of them have better lives than the majority of the flock, then why should ANYONE be afraid of a make believe G-d that does NOTHING TO NO ONE EVER as seen by his INACTIONS upon ALL sinners GLOBALLY. When have you seen ANY SERIAL PETAFILE, RAPEIST, MURDERER, OR TERRORIST STRUCK DOWN BY THE HAND OF GOD at this present day? NO WHERE EVER!!! IT JUST DONT HAPPEN because he G-D does NOT EXIST!! Now comes one of the MANY excuses and here it is “This is PART OF G-Ds plan. G-D works in mysterious ways. You are NOT G-d so how do you know what he is doing? G-d speaks through the BIBLE!” The excuses for this true G-d as they call him go on FOREVER, why does HE NOT ANSWER FOR HIMSELF? Because HE CAN NOT he is just like the Christian people in americas SANTA CLAUS, and is a FAIRYTALE that has been used to PUT FEAR into the VICTIMs to CONTROL them through INTENSE FEAR INDUCING BRAINWASHING that if they dont accomplish some LAW/s/RULE/sS set for them to obey that they will get punished in one way or the other. Parents say “If you dont behave, SANTA WILL NOT BRING YOU PRESENTS FOR CHRISTMAS, BUT A LUMP OF COAL to show you what filthy dirty and lowly child you are that should be PUT TO THE FIRE as COAL is and then THROWN away as ash. The PUNISHMENT the CHRISTIAN G-d gives us all is that we WILL GO TO HELL FOREVER IF we dont obey ALL HIS LAWS? Since NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN ABLE TO OBEY ANY OF HIS LAWS FULLY then WE SHOULD ALL GO TO HELL PERIOD!!

So ALL I Gabriel a VICTIM of this WHORE VIRGIN MARY and CLAN that have SERIALLY RAPED MY MIND TELEPATHICALLY for 22+ years can say is I the true Gabriel G. CHALLENGE THE TRUE G-d as –IT– calls itself to KILL I TRUE GABRIEL G. INSTANTLY RIGHT NOW — IF HE CAN? I THOUGHT SO, I AM STILL ALIVE!! IT does NOT EXIST so the attackers are infact people using TECHNOLOGY to abuse I TRUE GABRIEL G. and ALL the other victims globally.

ALL the churches globally main goal is to CONTROL PEOPLE through the use of FEAR BRAINWASHING and to take as much money as they can get from their many victims to use for their OWN PLEASURE!! THE ABSOLUTE TRUE TRUTH SAID!

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