Guide us back together

by Catherine (Washington, DC)

St. Jude, I pray that you intercede for me and Ryan to come back together for a lasting relationship. Though we have had our difficulties, I pray that we are brought back to each other to spend our lives together. I understand his struggles and his hesitancy, but I know that we can overcome any obstacles together as long as you and God are by our sides. I pray that I may be patient in this process and that he will regain his confidence so we can live the beautiful future we imagined. Please St. Jude, I pray that he does not take the easy way out, but hears the words I shared with him from my heart and knows and acts on their truth. I thank you in advance St. Jude for your intercessions. Praying to you on my and Ryan’s behalf to God gives me strength and comfort this day and everyday.

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