Guide my Path

by Stuart (South Africa)

Guide my path Lord,

Whether through muck or mire,
Trench or dirt,
Walk with me through the Fire.

Guide my hands and make them steady,
So that when the time comes they do not shake.
Help me to do what I must,
So that others may live because of my sacrifice.

Safeguard my mind from the terrors of the night,
Break the trauma that blocks my thoughts.
Bring me home, not in pieces or as a shadow,
But as the man I am meant to be.

Help me not to hate my enemy,
But to pray for him.
Protect my brothers on my left and right,
For they with your Angels, help to guard my Life.

Though terror and darkness surround me,
Jesus be my light and the compass that guides me home.
Help me Heavenly Father to be focused and professional,
Lead me home from this fight.

Guide my path, Lead me Home,
Constantly and Consistently back to You.
Though I may wonder and roam,
This world is not my Home, I am a pilgrim passing through.

Protect my family at home,
While I fight to protect their freedom.
Help me to do my duty and that which is right,
Guide my weapon, so that only the evil may fall.

You are eternal, guide my path into Your Everlasting Light.
Protect my Life, Protect my Soul.
Fill me with Courage when fear is all around,
Help me to laugh, so that I may realize,
You are with me, Always.

Guide my path Holy Father and lead me to You,
If today be my last day on earth,
Give me the Joy and Strength to do my Duty
And when the time comes,
May I laugh for I know that death has lost it sting and hold no fear.

May I walk where Angels fear to tread.
May I know you and may I be Known by You.

Amen, Amen, Amen.

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