Guide me through the storm

by A Child Of God (Bronx, Ny)

Dear God I thank you for all my past Financial blessings and all that have yet to come. I ask that you my lord fill my heart with strength and faith as my kids and I endour one of our toughest financial times. My husband has been away for 14 months and this has caused such hardship on me.

Working, paying bills and taking care of two small children is far from easy. Yet you my lord, whom knows my strength and my weeknesses has not failed me. You have guided me this far and I am blessed. Thank you my lord! Please my father I ask of you one more thing. Please give me the strength to fight and keep my apartment.

Clear my mind and give me sanity! Show me the way for I am lost with out you! I promised my kids we will be ok..LORD PLEASE HELP ME KEEP THAT PROMISE. I put my trust and faith in you my lord & savior. Amen