Guide Me Lord

by Deb (Canada)

Help me Lord to accept what is set before me. I am physically and mentally struggling with:

A 35 year marriage: My husband has chosen to go his own way because of the lack of forgiveness and compassion. Lord as he is now continents away, I feel so alone. I know you chose me for him. A man, who was not to live past 30 with heart conditions, has managed, to this day be 57 years old. You have healed him physically Lord. I gave my life for him and now, I am totally lost. I don’t know which direction to go and have never been totally alone before. I am grateful for the children that we have together brought forth. They too are lost but they are young and recover quickly. My husband has depression issues and is contemplating ending his life and has been contemplating for a great many years. Such sorrow I feel.

Lord, hear my sorrow ….

My family have recently been diagnosed with: My sister (breast cancer, which was removed – thank you Jesus. My neice (stage 4 melanoma), she is young and her husband and her have a 4 year old sun. My father-in-law, (lung cancer and brain cancer – 3-4 months to live). My best friend (breast cancer).

Lord feel my pain …

My body has almost reached it’s breaking point. I am on anxiety medication, am not hungry, I’m struggling to feel “normal”

Lord give me your strength and courage.

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