guide me and open me the door of happiness.

Lord, in life I have made many decisions since I have free will of my actions. Today, I am thinking all of the mistakes I have done brought me where I am today. It feels it has been a terrible journey, but I have learned from my mistake. I understand, and I will not judge the punishment I am serving, but please help find an employment. I need an employment to help my own interest as well as our society, which is suffering due to the worldwide economic health. I feel it is time to face reality and my enemies because there is no such thing because I am not going to attack those whose who envious my job productions. Please Lord, guide me and open me the door of happiness. I have the key of sadness and bad luck, therefore I am willing to give it to you so you can destroy it, in this way me nor others will have to go to the darkness. You help me and I help others.

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