Guidance, to father, son and the holy spirit…

by Shirley (Sunnyvale,CA)

I am seeking guidance in the father, son and the holy spirit regarding my 5.5 ADHD son. Unfortunately his father is causing issues not only for me but for my special needs son. His father and I have been divorced nearly 3 years now; however his father became a overnight dad to another woman who has 3 children of her own. This was 2 years back, since then she has been a thorn in our co parenting, causing issues with our son, and our co parenting. My ex is following the devil as he creates issues with my son’s school, with the doctors, teachers, therapist and so fourth. God has saved me on numerous occasions from his deceitful lips and lying tongue.

Now I am faced with a issue, our family law judge has refereed our case to a different judge and courthouse, signed himself off of this case. The judge also filed a complaint to the district attorney office about my ex for committing perjury and fabricating lies to get a false retraining order on me. I save lives for a living, my conduct with everyone is professional and my goal is to provide continuous care ot our son and enrolling him activities, basically 1:1 with my son.

The more calm I am, the more I am parenting, the more my ex fires up creating issues. He wants to now sue to school for the 1:1 special needs teachers aide and falsely accuse her of abusing our son. Police Investigator reports reveal that our son was coached, that the school was threatened (dad has done this at my son’s previous school), and the report was unfounded.

He is like the devil, all I can do is pray for him and his new wife. The more calm I am the more I pray for them the more angst they have against me and our son. We have a JCC hearing Monday Feb 9th I pray for guidance.

My question and prayers for guidance are, in order to protect my son, Ishan am I to go with what this attorney is saying and proceed with a further evaluation or should I just wait and see what this new judge will do? My son is fearful o going to Dad’s, the school and teachers mandated reporters MD’s have made 6 CPS reports where the child states fears and that dad hits him. After their investigation, its unfounded. (CPS cases are taken seriously when serious damage is done where child goes to emergency room, not they don’t address emotional concerns).

I’m at a loss here, costs will continue with a evaluator and so fourth. God please guide me and give me strength and keep me at peace.

Thank you,

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