Guidance from God

by Julie ()

I am seeking guidance from God. Many years ago, I made a terrible mistake in marrying a man that did not truly love the Lord and I am so sorry. I really felt the Lord did not want me to marry him and I did it anyway. I blame myself everyday. He was physically abusive and then had an affair (God wasn’t trying to ruin my life-he was trying to protect me) . I left because I did not feel safe and he had an affair. He has since remarried, has two children but I feel so stuck. I always wanted to find a man to spend my life with, I dreamed of it and now I feel so sad. I don’t want to remarry if that would not be what God wants- I’ve already made that stupid mistake- but I don’t know if remarriage is ok. I’ve read all the verses, all the commentaries but how can I know for sure? I see all my friends and family moving on with engagements and weddings and babies. And I feel like I cannot even look for someone. I need a mighty move of the Lord to change me, a renewing of my mind if I am being legalistic. Please Lord- I know you don’t want me confused like I am. If it’s a “no”, even if I don’t like that answer I want to have a full and happy life anyway, not just what meets my expectations. I feel stuck in a nightmare from which I cannot escape. Please Lord- rescue me.

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