Guidance and strength

by Marquisha ()

I pray that God guide my steps leave my walk open doors of opportunity for me and my children deliver my family from hate and pain drugs and alcohol Lord teach my family how to love each other and put God first. I pray to God help me and my children to place us upon his strong arms with doors open wide a place of our own. I need God help to further my education to teach me how to be a better woman and mother to my children to know what true love is to let go of fear and anxiety help me Lord to try to work hard to not give up to not let my past determine my future to bless me and my kids in a good shelter for us to get on our feet help me to save money and be blessed with the finances that I need to take care of my children to give us Lord for our sins and help the ones that’s in this world that are struggling to feed the ones that are hungry to closest the ones that naked. Shine your light upon the ones that are in the dark God or footsteps lead the way heavenly Father let your presence and your strength be upon us so here and now I pray for guidance I pray for God’s strength I pray for the Lord wisdom I pray for your couragement I pray for pizza understanding I pray for Joy love hope understanding upon us all in us all the one that are broken to be found by you help us Lord the ones that are struggling each and every day with insecurity loneliness sadness guilt greed pain addiction and abuse in Jesus name I pray amen.

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