Guidance and overcome challenges

Dear God, I pray for my husband that you’ll guide him and give him strength everyday at work. He waited for this job for along time and now he need to be able to functions and balance it with personal life. Especially now, he’s dad just passed away and he’s overwhelmed with everything that is going on in his job.

We are so thankful and blessed that you gave him a job very close to our home. I hope this challenges his facing will pass through with al your help. He’s such a hard working person and sometimes being not in control at work just makes it hard for him. Please God help him everyday to manage his work. We know you’re always with us and you never leave us.

Please continue to guide us how to be a better parents for our children and please continue to guide and protect our children as they get older. We had our challenges and you always there for us. Thank you so much and I pray this in your sons Jesus name. Amen…

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