Guidance and faith for final medical exams

Dear God,

It is five days to my final exam in medicine. Having been unwell for the past two years and struggling to pass all of my exams please give me the strength to get through this last major hurdle. I know that I do not have time to cover all the material I need to in these five days. I can only get through this with your help. Guide me to make the most of the time remaining so that I can be sure of the knowledge that I need to be a safe and good doctor.

I know You have chosen me for this mission in life and while it has been a long, tough road to get here, I know there is no other path in life that I should, or would be happy taking. I know that You have great plans for me and part of me is full of joy and excitement to find out what’s ahead. But the human side of me drags me back, questioning how it all will work out, if I am competent enough to look after other people, will my family life suffer? So many questions….

Give me the faith to see that all will work out as You planned it and that I have nothing to fear and that there is nothing to be gained by the constant question ‘what if..?’. Please keep all of my worries at bay for the next five days so that I can focus 100% on the task ahead.

Grant me the vision to see Your hand in all the help I have received from those around me, especially from my family, friends and the senior doctors and hospital staff who have guided me and have faith in my abilities.

On the day of the exam I pray that You and your Archangel Raphael, who is himself a healer will steer my mind to address the situation and questions in front of me with wisdom, maturity and good clinical judgement.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the healing you have sent me over the past few months. I am grateful for all the wonderful graces that You have given me in life. Tell my Mam and Dad I am thinking of them a lot, especially over these past few weeks, being my inspiration for this journey and wishing they were here with me to share in my achievements.

I love You, I can’t do this without You.
Your daughter, Aileen

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