Guidance and discernment

by Angelica ()

Hello please pray for me and my daughters. We are unsure of what the Lord wants us to do and or go or be. We live in AZ moved away from their dad when we divorced. He’s in Texas. We’ve been here six years now and I’ve had this uneasy feeling in my heart for quite sometime to move back to Texas so they can be close to him as he is missed out on a lot and he isn’t changing for the better. I’ve prayed for years about moving back and felt that recently God was guiding me to move back to Texas but every time I mention moving back their dad seems for it and he is financially supportive to a certain point but shortly after mentioning moving there he begins to distance himself and be less in contact and shows very little emotional and spiritual support he is a believer based on Catholic religion. Does not have any relationship with Jesus Christ other than praying when needs or has had issues. Most importantly I have surrendered my soul life heart to my God Jesus Christ I live for him and am living and waking a Christian life by obedience sacrifice to my dying body and the world and live to love him worship him and serve him and am leading our daughters an others to him. This is my first and foremost desire and choice. Their father situation come second. I was going to move their over the Summer as I have been seeking work and have talked to their dad about it but again he’s made himself distant and has not offered more financial support as cost if living is more expensive and then and I will not have a family support unit like my parents brother sisters and their cousins like we do in AZ (that’s my side of the family) He has a few aunts and cousins there to help out when we were married and they do now when my daughters go their to visit him but for me it’s not the same as they are not or have been as supportive as my family is here. I have no doubt wherever we are God is with us and for us and he is and will me my main support and he will provide of this I have no doubt. However I’m so torn about what his will and plan is for us three I’m so torn and confused as I feel he has guided me to move back to Texas but I’m seeing doors closed with their dad. He is not an emotional mental and spiritual support my girls need and I need from him as their father a times I feel this move would help him open his eyes mind and heart to this and I’m so scared and worried to see it hands on in person to continue to see him hurt our daughters as he already is doing. They feel that they are not important in his life and come second to him from everything else his new family when he remarried and did not tell them about starting a new relationship, when he got engaged and when the wedding was Every part of it was in secret and he, they did not even have them present at the wedding. This I have not accepted as I feel in my heart it was not a blessing from God and he has not blessed that marriage as it has all been done in secret and not introduced properly and my daughters have been made a part of. It has all been forced upon then without them being involved and or even been able to speak of how they feel and think about it. I’ve forgiven him for this among the many other things he has done like cheating on me when we were married and why we are divorced. He also has already cheated with me with his new wife as we were intimate as I did not know about his secret marriage or that he was even in a relationship I asked him on many occasions and my daughters if there was someone in the picture and they would say no as after my oldest daughter found out he was married all on her own as he never told them he asked them to keep it a secret until he could find a time to tell me he at first told my daughter when they found out he was engaged that it was none of my business to know his business. This lie and secret thing has really caused my oldest daughter a lot of grief brokenness heart ache betrayal and a bad image of her dad as she catches him in lies all the time she has not forgiven him for asking them to keep his secret life a secret to me as this put them in a situation of lying and it has torn her up so much she felt so guilty of it when the truth finally came out her grades have dropped her attitude has changed her motivations are none and she is so devastated Hurt and disappointed by him this cause her hesitation to move their also. I know I’m my heart God has a wonderful plan for us three regardless of what he does now and in the future I’ve forgiven and will continue to do so regardless of what he does and especially continue to love him and show my daughters this as God calls me to love him as he is and continue to forgive and just allow God to use me in this situation to show their dad how Jesus is Alive in my daughters and I be able to be used by God for their fathers salvation first and foremost and pray that by this testimony he will soften and humble his heart so God can heal him also and ask for forgiveness and give his life’s to Jesus Christ and become the Godly man God plans for him to be. I’m just confused and torn about to move close to him or not please pray for us Angelica Clarissa my oldest daughter is the one who has seen and felt the brunt of it and Karina Salinas. They are 16 and 11 and they would like to be close to their dad but are confused scared and worried and hurt by him. Thank you my brothers and sisters of faith. I love you all!!!

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