Grizzy’s Immediate Return

by Mary Ellen (Mayfield, KY)

Heavenly Father,

We come together as one in prayer for our three year old pet dog Grizzwald. Born one of seven puppies in our den floor on Jan 3, 2009, right before the ice storm. Since their birth Lord God, we have been harassed and beaten down with continuous sightings and charges of the dog running at large by the longtime neighbor next door. Lord God give us strength and courage to make peace, keep me humble Lord as I reason with the Code of Enforcement Board who determine our Grizzy’s fate today at 4:00pm
Lord I pray that she is exposed for the overbearing complainer and abuser of her due process rights for her own self serving vengeance. I pray she be charged with harassment and slander of me and my family, and animal cruelty. I pray our family name is cleared of the terrible things she says. Vengeance is mine so sayeth the Lord! Take it Father, Please…
Oh Lord, of Lords, we miss our sweet dog, he was taken from our home, his home and doesn’t know why. Lord God only you can make this right. Grizz is a good dog and is therapy for my child with disabilities. The dog has made such a difference in her life, and in all of our lives for that matter. I pray that you comfort Grizzy too Father. We have all cried ourselves to sleep these past four nights, I am certain he has cried too. Help me Father stay composed at this meeting today, and in Jesus’ Blessed name allow Grizzy to be returned home to stay and may this problem go away. Lord give me the words, composure, wisdom, courage and dignity I will need. Equip me with Your Armor and let Your light shine so brightly through me that the enemy knows You are with me and I with You In Jesus name we pray. Amen

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