Greed Grudge & God

by Rhonda ()

I pray that my husband to be Bill Camp will soon get his health back to good we are in the middle of loosing his childhood home to a greedy sister whom has sold his property that he sunk his blood and sweat into it where she left at 17 and didn’t look back but her greediness has fount us homeless and her pickets full she sold the family home after their 96 year old dad kerney Camp died from the covid in November of 2020 I stayed and took care of him I know it doesn’t lookas if I did but we don’t know how he got it it very well could been from his sister that’s a RN nurse but after her Fla. Vacation she came by one afternoon soon after her Fla Trip. And she came in and it surprised me that her nor her husband was wearing a mask that afternoon . So how do we not know that’s how he got it my fiance is getting blamed for everything his younger brother wished out drugs from his family home which we did not choose this lifestyle at all his dad asked us not to say anything because you didn’t want to call the law to his dying son which was the baby of the family he got his way his whole life he never had a whooping one you never had to do anything you never hardly ever worked but my fiance he’s worked his whole life and got his blood and sweating his place and he’s breaking his heart and I’m seeing it killing him his whole life is here this place and now we’re going to have to uproot his daddy started this place draw the blueprints with his dick out on the dark 1959 it was covered with all hardwoods and pine trees he took a hatchet and I asked little by little he talked to a place to put his home on the home I’m talking to you from right now and asking for this prayer from all the Christians in the world he just did as his daddy ass not to have his brother turned in he said son give me enough time you’ll hang yourself and he did he’s going to jail since his dad’s passed away and he’s back out now but he’s still he expected us to live a lifestyle we did not choose and we were forced to live that lifestyle we kill the left we can’t lift his 96 year old daddy which would not leave his family home but my fiance came back here 20 30 years ago to help his dad with the property in the land when his mother had died from cancer because he was retired by the end and he was not getting around so good so we made back home to help his father the only son he careless it’s like he smeared in his dad’s face I’m going to deal my drugs dad and he did and he did and it drove us all nearly crazy people knocking at the door all hours and not at both doors people sitting in your kitchen you do not know when you wake up to go use the restroom or go get something to drink they’re all sitting around your kitchen table you know I moved in here to help out with his dad too I just know that his sister should be ashamed of herself cause because now she’s kicking her brother to the street which is done nothing but been there for his dad she is took all the money she’s not even giving him none of the money we don’t understand the greediness we’ve been here I hope his whole life I’ve been here 9 years helping him with all this I think I might have seen his sister come here and visit which only lives maybe 5 miles 6 miles down the road maybe visit his dad from the other side of the river maybe a whole in 9 years a whole 15 maybe 20 times at the most 20 times is it her dad this is this is something I don’t know how to deal with I don’t know what to do I just don’t know what to do I just need God to help us I’m asking you please pray for somehow give it to your heart and see what she places are even sold she got $200,000 for this place and we are out on nothing we have nothing nothing and we’re supposed to move we got to move a whole lifetime of of his dad in his out of here before February 7th that’s not going to happen it’s not going to happen not unless God helps me grudge his sister has some kind of grudge against them his dad and Mama were both hard-working loving parents. Five children 3 daughters and
the two sons being the youngest. Say it’s the next to the youngest there’s like six years or 7 years between him and the baby of the family which is his brother which is spoilt I mean just very well spoiled. Is Dad realized what he had done to look back over his law he wrote journals he was a very hard-working man I miss him so and I know Bill misses him too which is my fiance which is his son we are both having a hard time with all this we don’t know what to do we decided or sister not to be so greedy or maybe the people bottle let us stay here or if God sees us to move from here maybe we can find a place that we can have our two outside dogs and are two inside dogs with us this is a lifetime we got to move in less than it would take me a year to do what they think I’m supposed to do in 30 days it’s crazy especially when we got no planning behind it she just up and told him she sold it up and told him she sold it it ain’t his fault while his brother dealt drugs he was just doing his dad asked not to tell on his brother he didn’t want to see his brother go to jail either but he wanted his brother to stop we were constantly telling him to stop stop we’re tired of the company we told him all this please help us please what am I to do God I need you we need you to to help us I love this man and we were soon be married would you say you have time and on top of this our card has jumped time we have no car and we’re supposed to move what are we going to do God please help us in the name of Jesus Christ I pray that you help us amen

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