Gratitude and Special Favors

by Julie (Flint, Michigan)

Dear Lord and all of your heavenly Saints and Angels,

We thank your for all of your blessings you have bestowed upon our family; for without You, we are nothing but mere mortals. We are so truly blessed, but may we please continue to ask for your guidance. Please help my husband, who is 53, find a job. He has been laid off after 3o years in the finance industry. He has no degree, but he has integrity. Please reward him. Please be with my Daddy and my family, as we grieve the loss of my dear, sweet Mama.

Mom and Dad were married almost 62 years and he misses her so much! Also, please be with my whole family as my nephew prepares to be released from prison. He is a drug addict with a criminal past, and many of us do not trust him and fear his release. It has caused division in our family. Please be with him and help us forgive him, without being naive to his behavior. We also thank you and ask for your constant intercession for our dear 13 year old son who was born with spina bifida. He is a true delight and we are so blessed to have him! With his upcoming surgeries, we ask that he, once again, has a safe and wonderful recovery.

We ask that you please help us in this crazy world of ours and that we may follow your wishes. We humbly request all of this in Jesus name. Amen!