Grant us US Visa my Lord…

by Jenie (Manila)

Lord Jesus Christ I pray that You guide us in our interview this coming Tuesday, February 7, 2017. May Your light shine upon us on that day that we may be granted by the good consul the Us Visa that we need. For I know that You have plans for us.. Plans to prosper us and not to destroy us.. I believe in Your divine power Lord, I believe in You, I believe that anything Your child ask You for something You’ll do it for him. You never let us down, because You love us so… We love You to oh God!! I also believe that if its not what Your will for us, I will understand. I still believe that Your plans is greater than ours. Lord I raise it all up to You! I’am nothing but Your humble servant. Let me live the life You wanted me to live. Let me know our purpose My Lord! But I just want You to know that I really want this US Visa my Lord. We really want it. I pray for Your guidance and bring all our angels with us on that day. Be with us for I know nothing will come our way when Your with us. Thank You for everything. Thank You. Forgive us our sins and let us be Your forever servants and we praise You our Lord! Our One and Only! My true God Almighty we pray forever and ever. AMEN! Halleluia! Amen!

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