Grant us peace and spiritual graces

by J (Canada)

Dear Father, Thank you for the sun and springtime sings of new beginnings. Please bless the leaders in the world and grant them the power to empower peace and harmony. Please bless each victim of war and those impacted with poverty. Please bless the woman and children provide safety and security food and shelter and immediate solutions for a better quality of life. Bless our country and governments may we have freedoms to do the right things and teach the next generation to respect themselves, families and environment. Please bless all those who are lonely and angry. Bless our elders and children. Bless our animals.

At this time provide our family with functions and truths. Please bless us and our children to use our lives to help within the family, friends, workplace and community. Help us to have clarity of mind, show compassion and to have long lasting health. Let the moods and chains of anger dissipate and let love and courage be our foundation. teach us to be humble, kind and forgiving. Please help us to walk a pathway of common sense and value. help us to eradicate abuses and debt in our lives. Forgive me. I try to be open and honest and seek Devine support. Thank you with love Amen. Jan

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