Grant Me A Miracle

My Jesus, please grant me a miracle, please help me with all my problems. I feel hopeless, alone, and in need. I have sinned and done a lot of wrong things, please forgive me. My Jesus, please help me find a job I have been looking and it seems like I can’t get one because I need your blessing. Please bless me and forgive me for everything. I need to pay my debts and those who I owe, help me. I want to be me again, the happy woman I once was. Help my daughter and me to have a good relationship and that our tempers cool down. Help me change. Help my boyfriend stop lying and bring him closer to me. Take care of my son, and my family. The homeless, the sick, and all the families who lost their little ones, moms, and wives. May you grant me with a miracle. the name of God, Amen. Also, watch over my grandma. Amen.