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I ate chicken and now I feel really sick. My grandma is really sick. She too, like me, can’t eat anything much that is healthy, it makes her sick. We have to eat only plain crackers and cheese or dry things and not meat or pasta. She has diverticulitis and is always in internal pain. She has her vowels sticking out of her bottom and she can’t sit and is in pain 24-7 from it. They can’t operate. Please Jesus heal her. She had a pacemaker in the wrong position, bruised arms, false teeth she lost and poor eyes and ears. She has arthritis all over and really bad bunions. She had a constant UTI and bladder infection and takes 30 tablets a night: she has to eat a lot with it. She is very fat and has diabetes also. She has had 8 operations and blocked heart valves and heart attacks. She gave birth 7 times and her husband was a monster who was drunk all the time, cheated and punched out her teeth. She can’t sleep at night except with tablets. She needs peace and healing now and to receive and know Christ. She doesn’t and she mocks me and gossips and complains about me if I visit her or don’t visit. She hates me. She is scary and bitter and gossips a lot and teases people. She threw out my shoes. She only loves her sons and her grandsons not her daughters or granddaughters. All the granddaughters are suffering from her prayers. She is a Jehovah’s Witness and was baptised orthodox as a child and dedicated to saint catherine. She needs Jesus now. Her husband is in heaven. Thankyou Lord Jesus.

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