Gran me peace and serenity, Oh Lord

Lord, I pray that I can surpass whatever is bothering my mind right now. I hope this is just playing in my mind. Grant me peace and serenity that I can clear my heart of hatred or anger towards others. That I maybe able to forgive and let petty things pass. I pray that my upcoming wedding will be a happy event. That everyone will enjoy and they will all be happy for us. That our families may get along together upon meeting each other. I pray from that moment forward that things will go smoothly. Guide our paths that there will be no hindrance. And that we can overcome any obstacles that may be on our path to success and happiness.

I pray for all the souls that have been forgotten. That they may be with you,together with the angels looking down on us. Please always guide us in everything that we will do. Protect us from sickness, that we stay may be healthy and be able to function well. All of this, I pray and offer to you God. Amen.