Gossiping, undermining, narcissistic co workers

by Millinarrie ()

I work with gossipy, catty meanspirited, undermining managers. One, in particular, is named Dawnelle. Dawnelle is two-faced and she has a lot of pride she is snobby and thinks she is better than the housekeepers even though she herself is a housekeeping manager and cleans rooms at times herself. The other day, she called me into the office, just to gossip with me about another housekeeper who is having problems. I feel so violated when she does this and I am sure she does me like this too. After she uses me to gossip with, she will talk disrespectfully and when she gets around another worker, she will dismiss me. I do not care for her like that and I do not like to participate in company gossip of any staff. Dawnelle gets mad if she can not sit in the office all day and has to work and all she does is ride the time clock even though she should be working. The other problem is Tracy the Executive Housekeeper. Tracy likes to undermine my work but yet she is not on point with her supervision skills like getting to work late, not posting the schedule on time, embarrassing workers out loud, and she, as well as Dawnelle, steals our housekeeping tips. Dawnelle gets to work early so that she can run the boards and then disappears to the floors to steal the tips from us as housekeepers and then decide who will clean which rooms. I am unsure how to assert myself and address these issues appropriately. I am still under 90-day probation before being considered a permanent worker. I enjoy my job, but I pray for more professional, honest managers than the two I am mainly working with. Also. I pray for Daniell who always has problems. I do not know what to do to help her but I feel very offended that Dawnelle gossips about her and I do not like my role either in having to deal with Dawnelle. Both managers are also grooming another manager lead named Emma to be rude, insulting, and unprofessional like they are. I get this energy from her too. I am wondering if I should continue working there or if I should not.

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