Good health for my family and friends and me

by C ()

Lord please look after my family and friends and carers keep them all healthy and well in body and mind.Look after my mum especially keep her hernia small and let her cough be nothing serious keep her heart healthy and let her cholesterol and blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels all be normal healthy levels. Look after my sister keep her throat clear of cysts and let her headaches be nothing serious and let my brothers body be fully healed from his gallbladder surgery.

Let my niece and nephew do well at school let my brother in law not be in too much pain in his back and look after my sister in law. Please Lord look after me keep my chest clear of infections,coughs,colds,flu or viruses and keep my gallbladder under control and keep my bowels and bladder and pancreas healthy and keep my heart healthy and my breathing clear and easy and let my axienty ease. Please look after my friends keep them healthy and look after my carers keep them healthy.
Let there be peace throughout the world
Thank you