Good Enough


Today’s reading and scriptures resonated with me on such a deep level. Words to the challenges within me blared across the screen as I read. Growing up with so much dysfunction left a strong desire to feel “good enough” or be “goodn enough”. Fast forward to today and I find myself still struggling with this as my 30 year marriage is divorce proceedings and my spouse acts as if I was the cause of all life’s problems. I know the truth and know his lies, cheating, and deceit played a huge role in our demise and I spent years trying to “fix” it and make it better and be good enough for him to stay. So now, my prayer is to let go. Fully let go and let God be in control and lead me where he wants me. I want so badly to be in a healthy relationship and have human companionship. I loved being married and felt I was a good spouse. I desire to have a Christian husband/relationship that honore God. My prayer is to surrender my will to God and despite my wants, to honor God. At this age it’s so much more difficult being solo, But God! I prayer for his direction, leading, guidance, and most of all to feel His love in me and for His love to flow through me, and and flow out of me into others.

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