going to lose things…

by Patti (New York)

I know this isn’t everything, but I am scared. I feel that its getting very close to losing all things we as society feel are important. I would say “lose everything ” but my family, children and health would be that, so i know that would be wrong. Everytime I hear a vehicle slow down I fear its the repo man to take my vehicle or my husband’s vehicle away. We couldn’t make the payments last month. Its only a matter of days or weeks. Im waiting for the foreclosure notice on the house, I know will be coming. Im so scared, I have 4 children, how can we let them down like this. I don’t know what to do. My husband is doing the best he can, but lost his second job and i cant work right now due to injuries in a vehicle accident. I am very scared. Please pray for us. My family doesn’t understand the full extent of our problems, I don’t want them walking around worrying themselves to death like me. Thank you.

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