God’s World

by Mario (Wolcott, Ct, USA)

It is raining again.

Summer will be over
before it ever gets here
Thunder rolls far away,
drops hit the windshield,
the sky turns grey

The Sunflower,
the blue Delphinium,
the white Stinkwood
drink the moisture greedily.

The green and silver leaves
of the Aspen's sparkle
as the rain hits them,
and the wind turns them
round and round
The creek flows on,
oblivious to the change in the weather.

A break in the clouds
allows a bit of sun to hit the side
of a towering mountain
Three cows slowly wend their way homeward.
It is dusk.
The grey clouds lift and the sun bursts through,

before sliding behind the hills for the night
It is God's World.
He gives it to us to enjoy and to share with each other