Gods Will in Medical & Financial concerns in my life

Dear Lord, I pray tonight for physical healing for my elderly father who has been having trouble recovering from surgery for a long time and doesn’t seem to get better, he is a faith filled man, Lord, I know he prays to you every day – but I don’t know if he asks you for healing for him, but rather for others he feels are worse off than himself – so I pray you would allow him to be healed soon – as he is wearing down and weak. I pray too, Lord, for physical healing for myself, my husband and my son – we have various physical ailments that keep us from being as active and energetic as we once were – in the Church and in our Community assisting others in need. We very much desire to be able to be of assistance to those in need again – as we feel called to do so – in these trying economic times. So please – heal us Lord so we can work for your Glory in our Church and community.

One last thing I ask Lord, and I know that you always take care of us in your way – but we’re having financial troubles now – in that we need to be able to pay off some debts and rent, so I pray for your Will in that area of our lives as well – so we can once again give of what we have freely to those who are in need, and who have less than us – without taking money away from the rent money to do that. Its a burden that weighs heavily on my physical well being when we get behind on debts – as we do not want to be burdens to any one of Gods Children – as we are when we can’t pay our rent on time – so please, Lord, help us in that regard as is your Will – and please help me to be at peace with the situation on all these concerns – and to know and trust in your mercy and love for me and my family – in Jesus Name, Amen.