God’s Will be Done

by Medjugorje ()

Prayers are not Magic Words said “for 3 days and then what you want will happen.” That is paganism and superstition.

All Prayers should end with, “Thy Will Be Done,” like Jesus Said in the Garden. Because God Knows What is Best…like with Jesus = if no Arrest, no Crucifixion, then No Redemptive Sacrifice of the Lamb of God, no Miraculous Resurrection, Ascension, Pentecost, Holy Eucharist and Church.

Jesus Said “Deny yourself and pick up your cross and follow Me,” not “Get rid of your cross.”

Pray for help, but always put the Result in God’s Omniscient Hands. Crosses can be a source of great grace by drawing us closer to dependence on God.

All of these “say this ten times and you will get what you want,” make a mockery of religion.

This isn’t a child’s game. God Exists, He Loves us and wants to be in Union with us and will help us, but, as our Loving Heavenly Father, He will do what is best for our Spiritual Development. “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands…”

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