God’s will

by Amanda ()

Lord Jesus you are so good. Lord thank you for radically delivering me from a long past of addictions and pain. Lord thank you for this better life with you. Lord thank you for never giving up on me and being so patient and Loving to me. Lord I need and desire to do your perfect will for my life and no longer my own. Lord I will go anywhere and do anything you want me to do Lord. You so graciously healed my hurts and changed my life for the better, and I want the world to know you and others to be saved. Lord please close the doors that need closed, and open the doors that need opened for me to step into the call you have for my life. Lord please be so clear with me so I make the right choice your will for me Lord. Lord do you want me to go to Bible College and if yes what location Lord, or something else? Lord I’m a willing vessel use me, but Lord please increase my faith Lord to step where you want me to step. Lord please orchestrate everything for me to do your will and put me in connection with people who will speak to me through you Lord in regards to the destiny you have for me. Lord just like how you orchestrated everything over 11 months ago when you radically delivered me from addictions supernaturally without me even getting sick or having cravings. Your so good Lord and I want to help others know you Lord. Lord please draw me near you Lord. Lord I had an evil past and you forgave it all Lord. Thank you Lord your mercy Is so great. Lord Jesus I give you all honor, glory and praise for everything Lord and for being the change in me. In Jesus name Amen

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