by Sandra Marie Tilghman-Young ()

TO whom it may concern: I am standing in the need of prayers for all my loved ones, all my friends, also my extended family members and extended friends. We need prayers from everything from A to Z. Prayers needed for HEALING and for GOD’S STRENGTH (struggles from our past that haunts us, especially when it had nothing to do with us) but other individuals who are hurting themselves but may appear to be in denial about their issues. Please pray for all of us, especially for our youth. They are AWESOME. I have young ADULTS TOO, and they are AWESOME just like their peers(whom GOD has a plan and a purpose) for them(HE’S LOVES THEM SO MUCH). HE loves all of us (John 3:16) and HE has a plan and a purpose for us ALL too. Prayers are still needed for GOD’S GUIDANCE, STRENGTH, CALLING, and everything else. HEALING and ENDURANCE is always needed from GOD. Standing in the need of prayers for those who are struggling with various trials and serious health issues whether they come age-related or innate or from sin itself(of their own making or not). You all are always in our prayers.
Prayers are needed for relationship issues and the basics of life itself (from employment, education, addictions) and every other issue that need GOD’S DIVINE INTERVENTION. Thank you very much
Sandra Marie Tilghman-Young

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