God’s love wisdom guidance protection blessings

by Shaquana ()

Dear God,

Thank you God for your love protection wisdom peace love discernment. Thank you for waking Peyton and I up. Thank you for the doors opening up in my life, peace discernment God’s love wisdom.God thank you for my job extra pay unexpected checks financial wisdom blessings keeping Peyton in our home until you see fit and find the right home in North Carolina for us, Thank you for new love,my family framily co workers supervisors customers my car my new job and big checks unexpected and expected blessings eliminated debt. God let no weapon formed against me prosper nor any plans for myself Peyton and I as we go into the new were bless our home car finances travel home vacation rentals life and my big fat bank account. Thank you God. I love you and embrace miracles blessings love good mental and physical health over our lives. God I declare a 3:20 ,ephesians life exceededly abundantly above and beyond all I can ask for over my life and all areas that matter happiness love health care finances car and home right now.Lord I rebuke the devils hold over any area of my life I submit to you God my cares fears doubt health love life protect my job health love finances and family. In Jesus mighty name God bless the week my family framily friend’s enemies. In Jesus mighty name I pray right now so it is and shall be done right now

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