Gods grace for my brother

by Deborah (San Antonio, TX)

Dear Lord,,

I’m asking for the strength and guidance to help my brother, as he’s starting out on a new journey. Show me the ways to be there for him, as he struggles to overcome all that he’s been afflicted with. Guide me to be a better sister to him; a sister who can be there for him, help him if he falls & lead back to you if he gets lost.
Lord, please give him the strength he needs to overcome his past problems and help him to continue on the path we’ve discussed. Even though he’s sinned (as we all have), his faith in you has never faltered or waned. Though he was far from the path You had for him, his love for you never left his heart.
And, for this second chance he’s been given, and all that You have blessed my loved ones with, thank you.
I will put my faith in Jesus, that tomorrow will be as it should be I put my trust in Him. My heart in His hand.

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