God’s Favour

by Patricia (St. Michael, Barbados)

Dear Heavenly Father:

I come to you in the Name of your Son Jesus Christ asking for Divine favour in my impending court case relating to seeking guardianship of my two grandchildren who were both taken from me by their father (my son) and returned to live with their mother, who is unfit to raise these children.

Father, I believe that my granddaughter is quite unhappy going back to live with her mother, but is taught to lie and say that she does not want to live with me anymore. I ask you Dear Father to allow this child to speak without fear or intimidation from her parents who have failed in looking after these children.

It is my pray that the Judge will rule in my favour as I have worked hard and shown much love and concern for them. Lord, I ask You to intercede on my behalf, along with those who join with me in prayer for a favourable outcome.