God’s book

by Terry (U,K,)

O Holy Bible precious book , into your pages we should look, and

there we,ll find the Heart of God ,and see the path that Jesus trod.

Full of wisdom wise and true,with words that tell us what to do.

The broken hearted it can mend,and to the poor it’s riches lend.

So seek her truth t’will set you free,a different creature you will be.

For from God’s book flows like a stream,His precious blood us to redeem.

It’s power to save the darkest soul,will make the fallen clean and whole.

When dark days come with clouds and gloom,seek life’s fabric from His

. loom The Master weaver’s skill untold, your life’s pattern He’ll

unfold,broken threads He’ll reconnect,then you’ll belong to His elect.

So if your life’s all in a ravel, you’ll need His book as home you travel.

Now from that dusty cupboard old, take His book it’s full of gold,a treasure

store just waiting there,so liven up don’t stand and stare,it’s healing

power that feeds the soul,renews and cleans and makes us whole.

O precious book,true word of God,please lead us where the Saints have

trod,so when at last our life is through,eternity we’ll spend with you .