Gods Blessings in Romantic relationships and romance; Godly Romance

by Davina (USA)

I am an attractive lady, bright, smart as well as outgoing.. I have alot of unsaved men and men approach me for dates or even to get with me to fufill short term sexual pleasures…. This does not entertain me… I want to be with my husband and husband only that God sends me and blesses me with.

Prayer that I do not date anyone or man… that is not my husband.. Prayer that I am not deceived by the devil concerning dating and that God gives me knowledge .. Prayer that God sends me a Godly praying saved mate/husband and that we will be friends as well as prayer partners…Prayer that my mate/husband is after Gods heart and is attracted to me spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Prayer that he has unconditional and Godly love towards me, and that he is always prayerful and prayerful for me.. and vice versa…Prayer that he will love me as Christ loves the church and we will be together until eternity…