God’s blessing on my family

by Antonia Larraga (Chula Vista, CA. U.S.)

May God help my daughter Nadia get the job she applied for in the health field and may he motivate her to continue her studies and become a pediatrician and send in her life a Godly young man who will love her for who she is , support her and take care of her. May God also help my daughter Maritza get a good job and may God bless her home and strengthen her marriage and their financial situation improve. God also help my son with his wife that she become a better person and that they become closer to you dear God bless his marriage and family. May my stepson get a good job and find a home and place in his life a Godly young women. Help my husband solve his problems with his business. Also take care of and bless my grandchildren.Heal my broken elbow. God bless us all protect us all from every evil, harm, sin or illness and bring us closer to you o Lord Jesus Christ!

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