God will not forsake us

by Bernetta, Manuel, Cayden, Jas'mine, Cameron and Alexi. ()

Heavenly Father, we thank You for all you have blessed us with. Thank You for blessing us with our four incredible children and Alexi’s miracle. Heavenly Father, please help us as we have absolutely no finances and business is standing still, we are scraping cents together just to buy bread. We can not pay our debt and all we ask for is please bless our family, please provide for our family so we may support our children and give them what they require in life. We are struggling and my husband is emotionally broken, my children are falling behind with their studies as we can not afford their fees, nor afford diesel in our vehicle to drive to school. We have until the 24th of December to pay our debt, which is the car, school fees, water and electricity, etc.

God, we lay our family at Your feet. Please fill us with Your Holy Spirit.

Bring peace into our hearts and minds.

Please protect our family, please guide us. Please open doors for us leading to a happier, healthier and prosperous future, where no man nor situation can close any of the doors, which have been opened by Your Hand.

Please keep our family safe and healthy.

We accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.

Please help us to be the best parents we can be.

Please bless our children with long, happy, healthy, loving, blessed lives.

Please Jesus, forgive all our trespasses.

Please bind, break and remove all negative words, predictions, curses which have been said, done, predicted or wished upon us in any shape and form, set us free please Jesus from generation curses and negativity.

We are Your children Heavenly Father, please help us.

We know that You do not choose the qualified, but qualify the chosen.

Please help us as we know that You Our Heavenly Father are our only, our beginning and our end. We are Yours and we trust in Your word.

Please do not forsake us, do not forget about us.

Please hear our hearts when we do not have the words to pray.

We are struggling and haven’t even been able to buy a single Christmas present for our children.

We have sold what we could and we have reached out with work to over 2500 people with no return, but we know with You Dear God, anything is possible and we have so much to be grateful fr and we truly are – God, You are Glorious and we Praise You.

Thank You for fighting our struggles with us.

Please bless our home, our family, our health, our children, our future, our hearts and our finances, please Heavenly Father.

Please provide for those who have less than we do. Please help us to be blessings towards others as You have blessed us through others.

Jesus, please help us.

We lay our burdens at your feet.

Please remove this fear and dispair in our hearts and minds. Let our faith not be shaken, but let us testify to Your greatness.

God, You are our Creator, we love You, fear You and praise You.

Please Jesus, help us.

We pray for a miracle.

Please forgive all our sins, may we be kept safe in Your Hand.

Please give us the wisdom to know the difference between right and wrong and may we have the courage to do what is right.

We do not ask any of this because we deserve it, we ask this in Jesus Name and pray for Jesus Blood upon our family, future, health and finances.

God You are Glorious.


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