God, Where Are You?

by Teresa ()

God where are you? I asked. And this was His reply: I am everywhere
I am here, I am there, I am with you even when you are in despair. I am the wind that you see blowing all the leave I am the birds that fly in the sky; I am the fish in the sea, I am the air that you breathe, I am the sight in all you see
Everywhere you look, you should see me. I am the mountain and the sky; I am that sparkle in every baby’s eye. I am the rain that falls from the sky; I am that perfect cloud way up high.l am the stars the moon; I am even known as a monsoon. I am winter, spring, the summer and the fall. I am the first the last the beginning and end of it all.So you ask where I am? I am the catch in your fall I am the one who uncovers it all, I am hope in your hope. I am the only one that can boast. I am everything and all that is in between. My children know me as the King of Kings and they depend on me for every and all things . Where am I? You tell me!

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