God was so good to me and my special needs Daughter Our Whole Life But God Became Even Greater On The Day He Came To Carrie My Daughter Home To Heaven

by Barb (South Carolina)

Sacred Heart of Jesus my love for you and my devotion to you was a blessing I never expected through the life of my child she taught me what it was to love you and to never doubt you and to always have faith in God she had An unbelievable love and Devotion to the Sacred Heart and that love and devotion have been my Saving Grace Sacred Heart of Jesus I can look back now and I can see that you called her to you you call all of God’s children To You and I firmly intend to carry on her devotion to the Sacred Heart because she truly loved him and I know that she’s in heaven with our Lord, Sacred Heart of Jesus you have you held my hand and you have carried me for over a year now since my little girl died she was a beautiful 18 year old girl she was like a little baby she was special needs from birth and special from the heart until You called her home Lord I just want to carry on and spread devotion to the Sacred Heart Lord I Thank You For Allowing The Graces of the Sacred Heart The Have Become the bright light in my life every since her passing if I am sure of one thing it is that the Lord will provide as long as you trust in him and never stop praying your faith will increase and your broken heart will mend because the Lord is the only thing the only hope to mend our Broken Heart Drar Lord please show me the path on which I need to walk that will lead me to you So I To Can help others to know of God’s love And mercy along the way and to do as Jesus would do please pray for me Please Lord if you see me going astray pull me back To Your Heart I beg of you I love you Jesus amen

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