God to intervene in my situations

by Prayers Admin ()

I pray that God should give me the strength to go through this rough time I am in I believe and now know that he didn’t want it to be in the beginning but because of my stubborn nature I adamantly stayed in the relationship I was shown so many signals that as a Christian with standard wasn’t just suppose to let them pass me I know I am here asking for you to help me out but I put my self in this situation and I let the devil use me oh Lord hence fourth I ask you to give those spiritual eyes I should have that strong heart and always follow your righteous path lead me a long your way guide me to do what is right give me that persevering heart make me understand that what happened it was for the best keep on reminding me through your word that u will always be our comforter in our times of stress and I say thank you for listening and hearing my prayer I have faith and I know in your name all is well Amen

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